Recharge your batteries away from the hustle of daily life in a farmhouse on Elba

Island of Elba farmhouses

Whoever is looking for a peaceful locality, far from the frenzy of everyday life, has come to the right place.

Among the many choices of lodgings available on the Island of Elba, for some years it has become possible to allow oneself a stay in one of the many farmhouses.

We offer the opportunity of moving around freely, rediscovering the taste for open-air life, and discovering this unusual countryside surrounded by sea.

Exploring the old villages nestled in the hills, walking, riding or biking, you will be overwhelmed by the emotions that this island can offer throughout the seasons.

The elban farmers, guardians of millenary viticultural traditions, produce wines which were in favour in Roman times and have now obtained the modern quality D.O.C. label: Elba Bianco, Rosato and Rosso, Ansonica Passito, Moscato, and the valuable Aleatico.

The farmers themselves welcome you into their comfortable homes. Hospitality, a spontaneous gesture amongst the island population, has offered them an opportunity for expanding their farms and allowing guests to share their lifestyle and their passion for the countryside.

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